SMS Services  re-defines Web SMS messaging, giving you the most powerful application that has ever been developed for Web SMS whether for Bulk SMS Messaging, Wedding Announcement & Invitations, Events and Meeting, Birthday Announcement and Invitation, Special Seasons Greetings, Political Campaign and Awareness, Product Launch and Sales Promotions, etc, you will find out that is an indispensable tool for you to quickly reach people for social and business contacts via phones.

The system is spiced up with so many functions that will keep you asking why you have not discovered before now! It gives you a whole world of ease of use as it delivers messages with speed of light "in the palms" of your recipients.

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Our SMS system comes with the Phonebook feature that helps you to upload your contacts and save them into different categories for easy identification. You can have contacts for Friends, Family, Business Associate, Club Members, etc. You can select any of your contact group to send SMS to them immediately.

You can easily upload all your contacts to a particular group of your contact lists by entering them into spreadsheet and save them in csv format. You can include the Firstname, Surname and email of each contact to identify the owner of the phone number.

You can even pick just a contact or few ones and send SMS to them. The system gives you a lot of flexibility.

If you will like to quickly send SMS to phone numbers that are already saved in a text file on your computer system and you don’t want to create a list for your contact on  phonebook, you can just pick the file from your system from the SMS messaging interface and send your message immediately. 

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If you are someone that likes to plan ahead, you like to deliver special messages to your phonebook contacts at some particular days or send greetings to your contact lists during festive periods, you can schedule the message and will be delivered on the date and within the time you specified.

You can even save messages in draft for future re-use.

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You can as well decide to send your message with your phone number or user personalised Sender ID which is often referred to as alphanumeric. This is really good news for corporate companies and organisations trying to create lasting brand in the hearts of their customers and clients. 

But our system goes beyond SMS services. An organisation can take it further by personalising SMS to its clients. For example, you can include the first name, surname, email, special registration number etc in the SMS you are sending to a customer or client by using MagicResponder service.

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